Letters from the Troops

We get a lot of these letters from the Military we serve - imagine the joy it brings us to know that we're making a difference... 

PLEASE NOTE: For security reasons, we do not include the last names of the military that write us.
Letter from Afganistan United for the TroopsUnited for the Troops - Soldier
Hello, United For The Troops and volunteers.

I’m Cpt. Houlihan and a doctor with the U.S. Army stationed in Afghanistan. We have received numerous gift boxes here and they are being shared as we speak.

The boxes were unique and the cards and letters were heart warming especially the small bags of American soil from the kids which had a note attached saying, “Here is some American soil so you won't feel so far from home”. We used some of of it to plant a tree in honor of one of our own who won't ever see his family again.

Thank you for making our Christmas holidays Bright.
You Brought Joy to the Troops!

I’m the Officer-in-Charge of a six person Air Force weather team at Camp Victory, Iraq. We support the Commanding General in charge of United States Forces-Iraq and his staff. Thank you for the treats and gifts you sent.

You brought joy to:
SMSgt James D (hometown – Augusta, GA)
MSgt Terrance S (hometown – Augusta, GA)
MSgt Josh B (hometown – Wichita, KS)
TSgt Jon L (hometown – Johnstown, PA), 
SSgt Ryan S (hometown – Gomer, OH)
and me (hometown – Bellevue, NE).

I wanted to send this letter as a simple thank you to you and all the volunteers. The time and effort it took is not lost on us. Also, your kind words and thoughts mean a great deal to all of us. Being away from home for long periods can be very difficult and it’s compounded by the holiday season. Gifts and warm thoughts from back home help immensely.

Thank you for your continued support. Our job in the military can be challenging. Knowing there are men and women back home who understand and appreciate some of the sacrifices made is a source of strength and comfort.

Thank you again and Happy Holidays to you and your family.


USF-I JOC Staff Weather Officer
Dear Jim & Pat Rathschmidt:

I would like to say how grateful we are for your organization and for the people back home that make it possible.

I received the packages and it brought a lot of joy to my soldier’s and I. Especially so close to the holidays it brings a feeling of home to all of us. The snack and toiletries are greatly appreciated. I can’t say enough to show my gratitude for your organization but you will always be in heart for the generosity that you have shown me and my troops. Thank you again for your support.

God Bless,

James O

101 ESB
I just want to say thank you to you, your family, and your supporters. My division of 26 and I have received boxes from you today during an underway replenishment, and we could not be more thankful! We all got enjoyment out of the letters that were in each care box and we passed them around so everyone can read. I enjoyed that there was something different in each box. 

We all gathered around each other while each was being opened. Just imagine you have 27, 22-32 year old men and women acting like they were 8 years old again. It was a sight that will stay with me for years to come. 

It's always nice to have a reminder that people other then our family members know that we are out here and that they are thinking of us. We have around 6 more months of being out to sea, then we will be back in home port. If there is anything I can do to help here or when we get back, please let me know and I will be more than willing to help. 

Thank you again so very much for what you do. It's not everyday that you get something in the mail. I know you made all of our days if not our entire deployment.

Very Respectfully,

FC2(SW) Patrick

Thanks for the care packages that you sent me! I distributed them throughout my section and the rest of our headquarters company. 

The snacks, miscellaneous items, and letters brought a lot of joy to our unit. We managed to spread the joy from your care packages to around 40 Soldiers and Civilians serving here in Afghanistan over the holidays.

We know it takes a lot of work to put together these packages and coordinate with local organizations to write letters. We appreciate it, especially over the holidays! Thank you for supporting us!

Caleb C. S

The care packages you sent just kept coming, and coming, and coming. I'll be sending a formal thank you letter from our command (along with a photo) but that will take weeks. Wanted to send this quick email of appreciation so you knew they arrived and were LOVED! It was like Christmas a few weeks early.

I can't take photos inside our facility for security reasons, but the smiles were precious. And the fact that each box was unique was pretty awesome! People were digging, and trading, and swapping.

I'll also be coordinating a follow-on delivery to our FOBs (Forward Operating Bases). At the HQ we live in a relative lap of luxury. The FOBs are really out on the front edge of the war.

Again, thank you SO much. If you have a FB or Twitter account I'd love to give you a public shout-out of appreciation.

Vr, Lt. Commander Roger J. R.
So I think I have gotten all of the Stockings! I do need the Hedges address. That person wants to send a personal thank you note. 

What you did is INCREDIBLE!!! Holy Smokes - Jenny and everyone loves when I make the delivery. However, I am going to have to get creative on the thank you note as I am not allowed to take pictures in our offices. I may create a collage/thank you note from all. 

They all came in yesterday and today. i handed out a bunch yesterday and will finish tomorrow.

Matt in Iraq - 
I have received and begun to distribute quite a number of packages from your organization as of yesterday evening December 3rd.

I cannot thank you enough for your generosity! The variety and quality of the contents are exceptional
and greatly appreciated by my Airmen and Marines alike.

I trust that Luke is well and has learned there's only two things that fall out of the sky! He can tell you what they are later. Thank you again and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Warm Regards,
John F. T, MSgt, USAF
Thank You from ISAF Joint Command Kabul Afghanistan

To Jim & Pat Rathschmidt,

On behalf of the Soldiers, Airman, Marines, and Sailors serving in Afghanistan at ISAF Joint Command, I want to personally thank you for thinking of us. The packages were great and contained all the things we use every day. They went quickly! Your thoughts touched hundreds of servicemen/women and help us not to forget why we serve our nation.

We received cards from: Federica, Abigail, Brendan (CCD Student at St. Elizabeth, Ann Seton, NY), Kelsey (Yorktown Heights, NY), Izzy (CCD Student at St. Elizabeth, Ann Seton, NY), Sammy, Julia, Agatha, and Rebecca times 2 (Troop 1165).

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Semper Fidelis, Colonel Gino P. A USMC

Letters and...

Soldier Reading United for the Troops Letter
Dear Mr and Mrs Rathschmidt,

My soldier Jimmy sent me this picture of him with the small Christmas tree I sent over and I asked him “where did you get everything to put on the tree? All I sent were the candy canes and a couple little ornaments.” And he said "the guys and I decorated the tree with the stuff from the boxes that were sent to us."

Thank you for making their holiday brighter with all that you do. I know Jimmy appreciates it and so do I. You didn't know either of us but without question went above and beyond for both myself and Jimmy.

I hope this picture makes you smile as much as it did for me. I show it to everyone!

Merry Christmas!

Love, a very appreciative soldiers girlfriend,

Liz Moore

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