The boxes are separated with essentials for female soldiers and male soldiers. Each get a different box of supplies to accommodate each soldiers needs.

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  1. Hi…I am a teacher at Putnam Valley Elementary school and am very interested in doing a drive for your organization. Can you tell me if/how I can go about doing this. Thank you!

  2. As a teacher of 2nd graders in NJ, I would like to have my class write letters to the soldiers. We are learning the 5 parts of a friendly letter so this would be a great time frame with Veteran’s Day around the corner. Is this acceptable and if so what is the address that we would send these letters to?

  3. I would like to suggest collecting needed items for your organization as a mission project for my church. Please contact me to work out the details. Thank you.

  4. Hello, what type of donations can you take to send to them? Like food or personal stuff

  5. Hi Jennifer, please give me a call at 845 729 4239. Thanks.

  6. Jim – we spoke the other day , I have about 60 of those nomex thermal hoods – my cell # is 845-661-1075
    I will bring them for Friday’s night 3/4 football game

  7. Can u please email me the page of items wanted by the soldiers. Id like to
    pass it onto a few organizations. Thanks

  8. Hi my name is Christine,
    We have a 6 year old daughter
    Whom we would like to teach the importance of supporting our soliders. especially, during their time overseas away from their families and friends. As well as, the importance of her thinking of our soldiers who are fighting for our freedoms.

    She also learning how to write we thought maybe a solider or 2 may like to receive a letter of support and thanks for all they do in spreading the word of our great nation

    Thank you
    From the bottom of our hearts for all that you and your family have done for all of us

  9. I can not thank you and your organization enough. You brought tons of smiles to my son and his buddies when they received the mountain of boxes and items you sent them. A little piece of heaven while they are deployed. Makes this MoM’s heart warm…and thankful for people like you! Everyone involved. …Thank you…you make a Huge difference to our troops!

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