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UFT along with Brooklyn Bark

by ConorW
UFT http://unitedforthetroops.org/ ( along with Brooklyn Bark (rachel@bklynbark.com 

sent 9 gift boxes to Our K-9 dogs and their handlers.

Here is a letter…
My name is Specialist Michael Coffey, myself and my Military Working Dog Diana just received one of your care packages affiliated with Brooklyn Bark. Firstly, allow me to say how deeply grateful we are on behalf of myself, Diana and the entire Kennels. Your unwavering faith and support is incredibly generous and loved especially from me and “D”. It’s fantastic to hear that your son was in the 82nd as that hits home with me. My grandfather served in the 82nd in WWII and now I am stationed out of Fort Bragg and work closely with them when stateside. I think it’s fantastic how y’all genuinely take time out of your schedules to think of us. I do have one request however. I recently arrived in country and will be here for another 7 months. I would love to get an address for troop 2831 (especially Brianna and Clare) as I received their Valentines Day cards in the package. I would love to be able to share with them and send them pictures of how me and “D” are doing. That is if they would like to. Thank you agian for all you do and your unbelievable support. ALL THE WAY!

SPC Coffey, Michael

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