Thank You from ISAF Joint Command Kabul Afghanistan

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To Jim & Pat Rathschmidt,

On behalf of the soldiers, airman, Marines, and sailors serving in Afghanistan at ISAF Joint Command, I want to personally thank you for thinking of us.  The packages were great and contained all the things we use every day.  They went quickly!  You thoughts touched hundreds of servicemen/women and help us not to forget why we serve our nation.

We received cards from:  Federica, Abigail, Brendan (CCD Student at St. Elizabeth, Ann Seton, NY), Kelsey (Yorktown Heights, NY), Izzy (CCD Student at St. Elizabeth, Ann Seton, NY), Sammy, Julia, Agatha, and Rebecca times 2 (Troop 1165).

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Semper Fidelis,  Colonel Gino P. Amoroso USMC



Gino P. Amoroso | Col (OF-5), USMC | CoS DCOS JOPS, ISAF Joint Command

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  1. Dear Colonel Amoruso, USMC,
    Semper Fi, sir! We, Americans, owe our veterans everything. This IS the land of the free BECAUSE of the BRAVE!

    God bless you, your troops. Thank you for your service.
    Mrs. DiCioccio

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