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Our First Soldier Letter of 2009!

by admin

Dear United For The Troops,

First off, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Sergeant Major Young and I am the 3rd Infantry Division Fires and Effect Coordination Cell Sergeant Major. The 3rd Infantry Division is stationed out of Fort Stewart, GA and now conducting operations in northern Iraq.

It is because of the support from great Americans like you and your community that recharges my desire to continue to serve after twenty eight year of active duty service. I have no problem lacing my boots each day for the same reason. I truly appreciated what you all are doing for so many Soldiers and I just could not pass up the opportunity to let you know what a difference you are making.

Today we receive a few of you’ll packages and one made it into the hands of a Soldier who had not received mail from anyone since his being deployed. The smile on his face is something that I could never describe in words. However, I would just like to say Thank You. Your kindness is making a difference far greater than what I believe you will ever know.

Thanks Again and Have a great American day.

Reginald M. Young
U.S. Army, Sergeant Major
3rd ID FECC Sergeant Major