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FC2(SW) Kent, Patrick – USS BATAAN

by admin

I just want to say thank you to you, your family, and your supporters. My division of 26 and I have received boxes from you today during an underway replenishment, and we could not be more thankful! We all got enjoyment out of the letters that were in each care box and we passed them around so everyone can read. I enjoyed that there was something different in each box. We all gathered around each other while each was being opened. Just imagine you have 27 22-32 year old men and women acting like there were 8 years old again. It was a sight that will stay with me for years to come. Its always nice to have a reminder that people other then our family members know that we are out here and that are thinking of us. We have around 6 more months of being out to sea then we will be back in home port if there is anything I can do to help here or when we get back please let me know and I will be more then willing to help. Thank you again so very much for what you do its not everyday that you get something in the mail. I know you made all of our days if not our deployment.

Very Respectfully,

FC2(SW) Kent, Patrick