PO Box 242, Shrub Oak, NY 10588

Defend The Holidays


This Years Operation Was A Giant Success!

We all just wanted to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that made this year’s “Operation Defend The Holidays” a GIANT success. In a time where economics and our own financial security is in question everyday, we still managed to send over 500 packages to our troops serving overseas!! This is a true testament of what a wonderful community that we live in, and no matter how big the goal, if we band together ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

We are happy to report that EVERY PACKAGE was shipped on Sunday morning to our troops serving overseas. This gives all the packages adequate time to get to Iraq and Afghanistan in time for the Holidays.

There is no way this could’ve happened without each and every one of your selfless efforts. Whether you volunteered, donated, or simply wrote a letter to the soldiers. We assure you, each and every act, big or small, plays a huge role in the success of our “Operation” here in the U.S.

Please check back with our website at www.unitedforthetroops.org as we expand our operations to continue on throughout the year until the last member of our military is home safely.


Please send and checks or monetary donations to:

Operations Defending the Holidays
PO Box 242 Shrub Oak, NY 10588

Make all checks payable to:
United for The Troops, Inc and note Operation Defending the Holidays in the memo section

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