February 11, 2017
by ConorW

UFT along with Brooklyn Bark

UFT http://unitedforthetroops.org/ ( along with Brooklyn Bark (rachel@bklynbark.com 

sent 9 gift boxes to Our K-9 dogs and their handlers.

Here is a letter…
My name is Specialist Michael Coffey, myself and my Military Working Dog Diana just received one of your care packages affiliated with Brooklyn Bark. Firstly, allow me to say how deeply grateful we are on behalf of myself, Diana and the entire Kennels. Your unwavering faith and support is incredibly generous and loved especially from me and “D”. It’s fantastic to hear that your son was in the 82nd as that hits home with me. My grandfather served in the 82nd in WWII and now I am stationed out of Fort Bragg and work closely with them when stateside. I think it’s fantastic how y’all genuinely take time out of your schedules to think of us. I do have one request however. I recently arrived in country and will be here for another 7 months. I would love to get an address for troop 2831 (especially Brianna and Clare) as I received their Valentines Day cards in the package. I would love to be able to share with them and send them pictures of how me and “D” are doing. That is if they would like to. Thank you agian for all you do and your unbelievable support. ALL THE WAY!

SPC Coffey, Michael

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January 5, 2017
by ConorW

Want To Send Valentine Treats And Cards To Our Deployed Military?

We are here for them, you can too. UFT (http://unitedforthetroops.org/) is sending out gift boxes for Valentine’s Day. “Operation Cupid” Teachers, day care centers, seniors and all in between. We need Valentine cards and items from our wish list. Want To Send Valentine Treats And Cards To Our Deployed Military? Message us or call 845 729 4239. We need them by Jan 11. Thank you and Peace. http://unitedforthetroops.org/ Please Share.cartoon-clipart-ocoj5f-clipart

January 5, 2017
by ConorW

I’m the mom who spoke to you from the Giants game

I’m the mom who spoke to you from the Giants game!!! And this is a pic of my daughter who received your wonderful gifts!!! She is in a remote place…. so these boxes (over 20 of them) have greatly improved her and her fellow soldiers quality of life and their morale! She told me that they are all overwhelmed by this show of love and support by people whom they have never met… and my daughter asked me to thank ALL of you for your generosity!!!
And I … as a mom… couldn’t be more grateful for all of your efforts. You are all a miracle to so many serving that don’t have people back home to send them things!
Thank you again and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.15541890_10209149591350938_1889362952837249798_n

January 5, 2017
by ConorW


UFT( http://unitedforthetroops.org) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
MAHOPAC NY – Since 2007, United for our Troops (unitedforthetroops.org) has distributed over 15,800 gift boxes to men and women serving in the American armed forces.
But they have not distributed any gifts to canines until now.
This is now changing through a partnership with Brooklyn Bark Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services (BrooklynBark.com), a company founded by Rachel Bowers who grew up in Mahopac graduating from MHS in 2003.
Through their own partnerships with high quality dog food and treat companies – Charlee Bears, Fromm Family, Honest Kitchen, Wellness and Weruba among others – who donated product, Brooklyn Bark prepared over 50 gift bags with treats, special food and an imprinted Brooklyn Bark paw wiping chamois for pups serving in the military.
These specially wrapped holiday gift bags will be sent to handlers through United for the Troops ( for this Christmas with new gifts planned for Valentines and other “major” gift giving holidays.
“Often the greatest joy for a dog owner is a gift for his or her dog,” Bowers observed. “But can you imagine when that dog is not only constant companion but many times over the handler’s own life saver?”
“We could not be more thrilled than to be reaching out now to all who serve. Whether they have two feet or four paws, they are protectors of our liberty and we thank them,” shared United for the Troops founders Pat and Jim Rathschmidt, themselves dog owners. Let Me know (Jim Rathschmidt) if you have any contacts or info for us to use. Please Share,unnamed-4

January 5, 2017
by ConorW

Merry Christmas/Happy New Year!

What a way to start the day !!! Lesley Kelly from The Royal Bank Of Canada sent this email to UFT (http://unitedforthetroops.org/) Rich-Jim -Patty
Wanted to share!
Merry Christmas/Happy New Year! Lesley.
I just received the attached pictures from my buddy who is commanding in Afghanistan and received a bunch of packages from the United for the Troops . I spoke with him over the weekend and the packages arrived just in time as his platoons were spread throughout the south east and were running low on care package goodies. He wanted to extend a big THANK YOU from all of the Soldiers of Apache Company and a special thank you to Lesley for putting everything together. PLEASE SHARE
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